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The best bars in Bonsall

Z Cafe

5256 S Mission Rd, Bonsall, CA 92003 | (760) 940-1751
Z Cafe is the perfect place for your San Diego Party Bus Service group whenever you're in the Bonsall area! They feature a huge variety of foods, ranging from breakfast platters to seafood to burgers. Regardless of group size, there is sure to be something on the menu that everyone in your group will enjoy. The interior is designed almost like a person's home which really gives off a fantastic vibe. The waitstaff is sure to make you feel right at home as well. Maybe try out one of their savory Hawaiian dishes or even ask your waiter for their favorite, they are sure to recommend something delicious!

Fresco Grill

5256 S Mission Rd, Bonsall, CA 92003 | (760) 631-1944
Fresco Grill is home to some of the best Italian food you can find in the Bonsall area. This restaurant is home to a number of unique Italian dishes that will be sure to offer something that everyone in your San Diego Party Bus Service group will enjoy. The waitstaff is quick to make sure you have a basket of bread sticks and some delicious marinara sauce as soon as you sit down. If you saved any room for the main entrees, you will without a doubt enjoy it. In addition to their traditional dishes, they do offer a number of gluten free options. Be sure to come on Wednesday nights when they feature live music that just adds to the already incredible atmosphere!

Zip Codes: 92003

Cortez Mexican Food

5517 Mission Rd, Bonsall, CA 92003 | (760) 631-3909
Cortez Mexican Food is a fantastic restaurant that serves some of the best Mexican dishes you can find in the Bonsall area. They are a smaller restaurant that gives you that warm and comforting feeling. However, they are still able to accommodate San Diego Party Bus Service groups of all sizes and work hard so you have a great experience here. Order one of their burrito dishes and see how delicious the food looks before you even take a bite of it. The affordability of Cortez is just the icing on the cake for how amazing of a place this is!

Peking Wok

5256 S Mission Rd, Bonsall, CA 92003 | (760) 724-8078
If your San Diego Party Bus Service group is looking for something a little more ethnic to eat, then look no further than Peking Wok! This delicious Chinese restaurant is located in the Bonsall area and is home to a wide range of delectable and authentic Chinese dishes. They cater to your every need while your group is here and are sure to leave you with zero complaints. Try spicing your meal up with the Curry Chicken, or maybe go for something a little sweeter with the Sweet and Sour Chicken. No matter what your preference is, there is sure to be something here that you will love!

Tekila Cocina Mexicana

5256 S Mission Rd, Bonsall, CA 92003 | (760) 643-1278
Tekila is a Mexican restaurant that really stands out as an excellent restaurant in the Bonsall area. The restaurant has plenty of room and is able to accommodate your San Diego Party Bus Service group regardless of size. The waitstaff is very welcoming and makes your group feel at home with their excellent service. The food is what makes this place stand out however, with a number of affordable but still delicious options. The stuffed jalapenos were a group favorite that we all enjoyed. Be sure to call ahead if you have a large group, as this popular favorite fills up very quickly!

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