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The best bars in Casa Blanca

Backstreet Restaurant

3735 Nelson St, Riverside, CA 92506 | (951) 683-6650
If you're looking for a cool and casual spot to enjoy a good meal with your San Diego Party Bus Service group in Casa Blanca, CA, we'd suggest Backstreet Restaurant to you. They are perhaps best known for their delicious sandwiches and salads, and the fact that they have such a fresh and enticing salad bar is definitely a big draw for us. The pastrami sandwiches are our favorite way to go here, and we just adore the pasta salad. The banana cream pie is irresistible and near addictive, so good that you'll want to grab an entire one to go! No distractions here in the form of TV and wi-fi, but they do have very nice outdoor seating. Not a bar.

Sushi OK

5228 Arlington Ave, Riverside, CA 92504 | (951) 689-8054
Sushi OK is one of our favorite options for yummy Japanese fare and sushi in the Casa Blanca area, and our San Diego Party Bus Service customers very clearly agree with us on that! It's really a lively and fun place to relax and enjoy your meal, and we think that it's conducive to great conversation, especially over some sake or Japanese beer. The salmon rolls (all of them!) are our favorite options here, and we're hooked on the Hawaiian crunch roll and the rainbow spider roll too. The edamame and ice cream are both free, so enjoy those complementary extras and count it as a budget-booster! Great for budget-conscious groups.

Zip Codes: 92504

Ooka Japanese Restaurant

3525 Riverside Plz Dr, Riverside, CA 92506 | (951) 779-0099
Ooka Japanese Restaurant is another one that's awesome for those, like us, who love sushi! When traveling in the Casa Blanca area with San Diego Party Bus Service, this is as convenient as it gets and it's very affordable too, or as affordable as sushi can be, anyway! The dining area is separate from the bar area, which is a very nice perk, and it allows you to choose your ambiance based on your mood. The lobster dynamite rolls are our favorite thing as far as the sushi rolls go, but there are more options than just that! The filet mignon and shrimp is an awesome hibachi choice, and we adore the salmon teriyaki too. Good stuff all around!

Sushi Asahi

2955 Van Buren Blvd, Riverside, CA 92503 | (951) 637-1313
One more sushi restaurant for the road! Clearly this is something that the Casa Blanca area is known for! This one's awesome when it comes to fun bar seating and super fresh rolls. The diablo roll is an incredible one and the rainbow rolls are highly recommended too. Truth be told, our favorite thing to have here has got to be the sashimi salad. The only real downside here is that they don't feature their green tea ice cream on the weekends, so we'd recommend this one more highly on the weekdays for our San Diego Party Bus Service groups who love a cool and creamy treat after their meal of sushi or sashimi! TVs and outdoor seating here.

Market Broiler

3525 Merrill Ave, Riverside, CA 92506 | (951) 276-9007
Market Broiler is a seafood restaurant that features a nice cocktail bar within it. San Diego Party Bus Service customers have told us that they love to start off with a fresh wedge salad and that their favorite dish on the menu is the caramel salmon with seared scallops, seared ahi tuna, and fresh yellowtail. That one gets your mouth watering just reading it, doesn't it? The clam chowder is a favorite of ours here, and we can confirm that both the white and the red are delicious. The shrimp cocktail is great and we also love the coconut shrimp! No outdoor seating and no TV or wi-fi, but the full bar is the only extra that we really need here. Love it!

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