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The best bars in Claremont

Boomerangs Gourmet Burger Joint

4577 Claremont Dr, San Diego, CA 92117 | (858) 483-9500
Boomerangs is a unique burger joint that has been serving and impressing the Claremont area for many years now and are sure to leave a lasting impression on your San Diego Party Bus Service group as well! They are the perfect example of putting a gourmet twist on a traditional American hamburger and adding flavors that can impress customers of all types. The staff make sure your group has a fantastic experience and are happy to recommend items on the menu that you may enjoy. Be sure to take advantage of the full bar they provide as well and try out a new beer or two. Everyone in your group is sure to find a type of burger that they will enjoy!

Sushi Fish Attack

4575 Claremont Dr, San Diego, CA 92117 | (858) 490-0150
Sushi Fish Attack is a Sushi Bar with a great name and even better atmosphere and taste! Be sure to bring your San Diego Party Bus Service group here the next time you are in the Claremont area, as they are sure to have a great time here! The beauty and creativeness of the dishes here are captivating and look almost too good to eat! However, you definitely will not be disappointed once you do start eating. The complimentary edamame given to all customers is just the icing on the cake that really makes this sushi bar stand out from its competition. Be sure to come and try it for yourself, your group is sure to be impressed!

Zip Codes: 91711

Oasis Restaurant & Lounge

4033 Avati Dr, San Diego, CA 92117 | (858) 270-7707
Mediterranean food is an irresistibly popular type of food, and indeed Oasis Restaurant & Lounge has some of the best tasting and affordable foods you can find in the Claremont area! Mediterranean food has a huge variety of different items and tastes that are sure to please everyone in your San Diego Party Bus Service group. The staff are all eager to make your visit pleasurable and can accommodate groups of any sizes. Be sure to take advantage of their happy hour specials for great tasting drinks for a great price! Come in for yourself and see how great the place really is, your group is sure to love it too!

Ototo Sushi Co.

5651 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA 92111 | (858) 505-8700
If your San Diego Party Bus Service group is thinking Sushi for dinner and you happen to be in the Claremont area, then look no further than Ototo Sushi Co.! This beautifully designed restaurant is home to some of the best types of sushi you can find as well as a number of other delicious Asian dishes. The waitstaff are sure to make you have a positive experience here as well as cater to whatever accommodations may be necessary. Be sure to try a number of the different sushi rolls here, you will leave filled with delicious food and positive memories!

IsaBella Artisan Pizzeria & Craft Beer Garden

4015 Avati Dr, San Diego, CA 92117 | (858) 270-1798
If you're in the Claremont area and looking for some fantastic Italian food for your San Diego Party Bus Service group, then check out IsaBella Artisan Pizzeria. This restaurant gives off a warming and comforting ambiance coupled with an excellent array of dishes that will leave you full and satisfied. The waitstaff are quick to make sure that all of your needs are accommodated and that you have the best experience possible. Nothing is better than an old fashioned New York style pizza, and IsaBella's is able to serve this with unbelievable quality. Make sure to try one of the many craft beers they also serve, you're sure to find one you'll love.

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