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The best bars in Corona

Luna Modern Mexican Kitchen

980 Montecito Dr, Corona, CA 92879 | (951) 735-8888
Luna Modern Mexican Kitchen is one of the most enticing spots that we could ever dream of recommending to your San Diego Party Bus Service customers in the Corona, CA area. The "modern" in the name is definitely deserved, and the upscale vibe that they present is just flawless. The bar is nothing short of gorgeous and they feature so many outstanding bottles of tequila for you to choose from. The furnishings are rich and elegant but comfortable. The drink menu is amazing, and as far as the food goes, we'd most highly recommend the drunken salmon, the habanero ribs, and the spinach enchiladas. Ole!

SGC Japanese Restaurant

113 Corona Mall, Corona, CA 92879 | (951) 738-0650
SGC Japanese Restaurant is another great one for fine Japanese fare in the Corona area. They feature all-you-can-eat sushi here as well as a regular sushi menu, a nice dining area that is separate from the sushi bar, and some of the most outstanding service that you'll ever receive. The lemon roll and the shooting star are two of our top choices here. If you're a lover of teppanyaki, they have a separate area for that too, and the entertainment that comes along with your food is a big draw in and of itself. They do not have a full bar here but they have a nice array of beer and wine. Television for sports? You bet! They do close down between lunch and dinner.

Ricky Sushi

1191 Magnolia Ave, Corona, CA 92879 | (951) 279-0610
Ricky Sushi is one of our favorite sushi options out here in the Corona area, and it's very clear that our San Diego Party Bus Service customers agree with that recommendation. Many of our groups have remarked that the prices are very affordable for the super high quality of food that is served. And this isn't cheap sushi by any means! Absolutely top notch stuff. The udon bowls are so mouth wateringly good that you'll wish you could take one to go, and the complementary green tea ice cream is a must-have after your meal, so great to cool you down after a hot bowl of udon and a spicy tuna roll! Closed Sundays, Mondays, and between lunch and dinner.

Zip Codes: 92503, 92860, 92879, 92881, 92882, 92883

Marui Sushi

2347 California Ave, Corona, CA 92881 | (951) 734-5800
One more sushi restaurant before we move on! Can we help it if the Corona area is so well known for these excellent Japanese restaurants? This one's got really inviting ambiance and some of the freshest seafood around. The hi yaki is our favorite appetizer on the menu and we're just in love with the marble lobster roll. The spicy tuna rolls that come along with it are an added touch that we just adore! The sea urchin is a great choice too, and if you've never tried it, this is as good a place as any to do so! As with the previous mention, this one does not feature a full bar but does have a respectable selection of beer and wine.

Sanchez Tacos

430 River Rd, Corona, CA 92880 | (951) 371-5401
San Diego Party Bus Service's final recommendation for the Corona area is a fantastic little Mexican restaurant known as Sanchez Tacos. This super cozy place offers both indoor and outdoor seating and some of the best tacos that you'll ever taste. The downside for groups is that the tables are bolted into position, so you won't be able to gather in the way that you might want to, but you can always grab some to-go to enjoy on the bus, or just sit at separate tables for your quick and yummy meal. The chicken fajitas are our top choice and we just adore their signature cilantro dressing. Everything is so affordable here!

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