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The best bars in Jacumba Hot Springs

Jacumba Lounge and Restaurant

44500 Old Hwy 80, Jacumba, CA 91934 | (619) 766-4333
Jacumba Lounge and Restaurant is a must-visit for your San Diego Party Bus Service group if you are in the Jacumba Hot Springs area. The restaurant features a small but attractive atmosphere that will grab you and your group's interest. That ambiance gives you a very homey feel that makes the overall experience very enjoyable. The food is very affordable and features a wide variety of American cuisine. Be sure to check out the pastrami sandwich, it is a local favorite that could also be a favorite for your group as well. Make sure to make reservations early, as this popular establishment fills up quickly!

Manzanita Diner

40080 Old Hwy 80, Boulevard, CA 91905 | (619) 766-0006
Manzanita Diner is a must-visit for any group of parties in the in the Jacumba Hot Springs area. They feature a wide variety of delicious Italian dishes that will be sure to leave every member of your group feeling full. The waitstaff makes sure to take extra care in accommodating all customers and making sure they feel at home at Manzanita. The food is also all very moderately priced and features a number of Italian dishes. The chicken parmesan sandwich is a popular choice that was a favorite in our group. We're sure that your group will also enjoy Manzanita and everything about it.

Major's Diner

28870 Old Highway 80, Pine Valley, CA 91962 | (619) 473-9969
Major's Diner gives you the opportunity to take a step back in time and enjoy some American cuisine in an old fashioned style diner. They are conveniently located in the Jacumba Hot Springs area and are a must-visit if you're in the area. The staff there are sure to add to that Southern hospitality feeling that makes you feel right at home. They feature all of the classic American dishes so they will surely have something that you will enjoy. If you saved any room for dessert, be sure to try the vanilla malt for a cool and refreshing finish to a fantastic experience!

Zip Codes: 91934

Pine House Cafe & Tavern

9849 Sunrise Highway, Mount Laguna, CA 91948 | (619) 473-8857
This is one of our favorites! Pine House Cafe is a smaller but comforting little place that serves some of the best food in the Jacumba Hot Springs area! The huge variety of foods and flavors are sure to be a hit. The pancakes are a delicious and sweet treat that must be tried before you leave. The chef has gone above and beyond to make sure there is a dish served here that everyone will love. Make sure to go on the weekend to enjoy some of the best breakfast food you've ever had and experience Pine House Cafe for yourself!

Blue Jay Lodge

10600 Sunrise Hwy, Mount Laguna, CA 91948 | (619) 473-8844
Blue Jay Lodge is able to give you that authentic Southern feel that your San Diego Party Bus Service group will love! The next time your group is in the Jacumba Hot Springs area, be sure to make a stop here and see for yourself how comforting comfort food really can be. The first thing you will notice is the interesting interior decorations of stuffed bears and plants descending from the ceiling. It's really a scene that you can't find anywhere else. The food tastes fantastic and is full of flavor and also moderately priced! The waitstaff are sure to help to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

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