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The best bars in Lakeside

Albert's Mexican Food

13334 Hwy 8 Business, Lakeside, CA 92040 | (619) 390-6510
Albert's Mexican Food is another affordable option for Mexican fare in the Lakeside area. Our San Diego Party Bus Service groups are always raving about the super clean and tidy atmosphere, the friendly service, and the high quality food. It's always so fresh and flavorful, really refreshing and filling. The big rolled tacos are the go-to item as far as we are concerned, and we really dig the shredded beef. There are televisions all over so you can watch some TV or maybe keep an eye on the score for the big game. Grab a nice bottle of beer or glass of wine, as with the previous mentions. Casual and comfortable. Love it.

La Palapa Mexican Restaurant & Cocktails

12169 Woodside Ave, Lakeside, CA 92040 | (619) 561-8106
If you're headed out with your San Diego Party Bus Service group in Lakeside and you're looking for an affordable yet amazing Mexican meal, we'd highly recommend La Palapa Mexican Restaurant & Cocktails to you. The bernadette burrito is an incredible shrimp concoction that we can never get enough of, and the shredded chicken chimichanga is a work of art in and of itself. The chips and salsa are of course dee-lish, and we appreciate the fact that they also serve hot carrots here. There's even a full bar here so that you can enjoy a delicious cocktail along with your meal. Truly a top recommendation of ours!

Boll Weevil

9741 Winter Gardens Blvd, Lakeside, CA 92040 | (619) 334-1718
Boll Weevil is another local spot that's well known for delicious burgers as well as mouth watering chili cheese fries. Their double cheese burgers are absolutely awe-inspiring, just piled high with every topping imaginable and oh-so-good. The fact that they give you an old fashioned relish tray so that you can load up your burgers with all your favorite toppings just makes it even better. They have a ton of large flat screen televisions for you to watch the game on, and even a nice little collection of arcade games in case you're more of a player than a watcher! There's no full bar here, but they do have a nice beer and wine list.

Zip Codes: 92040

Eastbound Bar & Grill

10053 Maine Ave, Lakeside, CA 92040 | (619) 334-2566
Eastbound Bar & Grill is a wonderful spot that is more bar than restaurant and yet still has really amazing food. Our San Diego Party Bus Service customers in the Lakeside area really seem to be hooked on this place! The bloody marys are an absolute highlight here, just packed with goodness and flavor. We definitely recommend embracing the dollar fifty upcharge for garlic fries, as they are ahh-mazing! The rumor is that they have the best burgers in the entire Lakeside area and beyond, and we'd say that rumor is probably 100% truth! Tough to judge because there are a lot of great burger places around, but theirs are in fact excellent!

Ottavio's Italian Restaurant

12440 Woodside Ave, Lakeside, CA 92040 | (619) 443-2165
Ottavio's Italian Restaurant is a very fine choice if you're out in Lakeside with San Diego Party Bus Service and craving an enticing Italian meal. The meatballs are homemade and boy are they ever delicious. Many say that this is the best overall restaurant in the Lakeside area, and we think that says a whole lot. The wood-fired pizza oven is an amazing touch and we really appreciate the fact that they serve some of the most delicious gnocchi around. This is another that does not feature a full bar, but they do have a very good list of beer and wine for you to peruse. TVs for sports and outdoor seating as well. Excellent service too.

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