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The best bars in La Presa

Spring Valley Water Store

9348 Jamacha Blvd, Spring Valley, CA 91977 | (619) 466-6437
Although the Spring Valley Water Store may not be seen as a full scale restaurant, the cafe hosted inside of it is a refreshing scene that can be a very positive experience for all members of your group. It is a very comforting mom and pop cafe that is ran by one of the nicest couples around. The food is as equally comforting as the service. They feature a small but delicious selection of items that can leave all the members of your San Diego Party Bus Service group satisfied. Be sure to try the fruit salad for a delectable and sweet treat! Make it a priority to stop by next time your group is in the La Presa area.

Jilberto's Mexican Food & Taco Shops

9569 Jamacha Blvd, Spring Valley, CA 91977 | (619) 267-1375
Jilberto's is home to some of the best burritos you can find in the La Presa area. Although they are a smaller establishment, they make up for it in quality and taste that is sure to impress everyone in your San Diego Party Bus Service group. They have a dozen dishes for every meal and are sure to make your entire crew is pleased with their order. If you choose to show up for breakfast, be sure to try their breakfast burrito and be impressed with both the affordability and quality of it. Get some of their famous hot sauce to go before you leave, as putting it on any food you eat is sure to spice things up!

Zip Codes: 91977

Cali Comfort BBQ

8910 Troy St, Spring Valley, CA 91977 | (619) 337-0670
With the word "comfort" in the name of the restaurant, you can be sure that comfort food is really going to be a priority here, and Cali Comfort BBQ is able to do so with perfection! They are located in the La Presa area and are a must-visit whenever your San Diego Party Bus Service group is in the area. They feature barbecue that is so juicy and tender that it just melts in your mouth! No matter what kind of dish you order, it is guaranteed to be one of the best barbecue dishes you've ever tasted! Be sure to stop by on Tuesday for their taco specials if you're looking for a little different dish.

La Sinaloense Restaurant

9410 Apple St, Spring Valley, CA 91977 | (619) 933-2992
If your San Diego Party Bus Service group is craving some delicious but moderately priced Mexican food, visit our friends at La Sinaloense! They are located in the La Presa area and continue to provide amazing service and quality to all of their customers. The decorations and design of the restaurant are really able to put you in a great mood and put you in the spirit for great authentic Mexican food. We enjoyed the fish tacos and your group is sure to find a dish that they enjoy as well! You'll surely see for yourself that delicious food does not always have to be extremely expensive.

Marlen's Taco Shop

8921 Jamacha Rd, Spring Valley, CA 91977 | (619) 465-2606
Next time your San Diego Party Bus Service group is in the La Presa area, be sure to stop by Marlen's Taco Shop for a delicious and affordable bite to eat. They feature a fantastic variety of Mexican dishes and also some more traditional American dishes if something spicy isn't really your taste. The first thing you might notice when you walk in is the smaller but very welcoming interior and staff waiting to make sure you have an excellent experience. They feature a huge number of tacos and burritos, so you can be certain that they have a great item on the menu for everyone with you!

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