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The best bars in Nestor

Baja Oyster & Sushi

1912 Coronado Ave, San Diego, CA 92154 | (619) 575-4606
There are so many tantalizing Mexican restaurants in the Nestor, CA area for you to enjoy during your San Diego Party Bus Service outings, and on this page we'll tell you about several of them! First up is Baja Oyster & Sushi, a Mexican seafood and sushi restaurant that brings together the best of two amazing cuisine worlds. If this fusion attempt sounds impossible to pull off, think again. It's seamless and flawless. The chimichanga with shrimp and fish is a fave of ours and we cannot get enough of the imperial rolls and saturn rolls. The grilled fish tacos are also really excellent. No full bar, but a nice beer and wine selection.

El Cilantro

764 13th St, Imperial Beach, CA 91932 | (619) 429-7492
El Cilantro is a top of the list favorite Nestor area Mexican restaurants, also heavy on the seafood component, and it's just wonderful in every possible way. San Diego Party Bus Service customers go crazy over this spacious restaurant that offers a tantalizing salsa bar. The carne asada fries are mind blowing and generously portioned for sharing! It's a quiet and casual place with not much distraction other than TV for sports... no wi-fi, no full bar. They keep it simple and we like it that way. The hours are super simple to remember too, from 7-11 every single day of the week and weekends. Nice! Love this one.

Fernandez Catering

2265 Flower Ave, San Diego, CA 92154 | (619) 370-0729
Fernandez Catering is an awesome spot to dine and drink when you're out and about with San Diego Party Bus Service in Nestor. Their catering services are the bomb, but you can enjoy this one as a simple restaurant too. The tacos are absolutely mouth watering and we can't say enough good things about their quesadilla tacos, really a unique concoction. The stew is fantastic and there's a consommé option too. You'll want to note that this one's closed on Monday and Tuesday, but they are open 8a-2p every day of the week. This one's clearly a breakfast and lunch stop only, so plan to arrive early in the day and really enjoy that meal!

Zip Codes: 92154

Mariscos Isaac

1777 Palm Ave, San Diego, CA 92154 | (619) 946-9786
Mariscos Isaac is a local Nestor area food truck that is so worth stopping at when you're out doing your thing with San Diego Party Bus Service. Don't make the mistake of thinking that a small food truck can't handle your hungry group! They go above and beyond to deliver an amazing dining experience. The smoked marlin tacos are really sensational, so if you're a seafood lover, make sure and check those out! The namesake taco is highly recommended too, and even just the simple shrimp tacos are amazing. Their daily hours are 9a-7p, so not a late night destination, but so great for a yummy lunch or early dinner. Good stuff!

Jalisco Cafe

1669 Palm Rd, San Diego, CA 92154 | (619) 575-4955
Our final recommendation for our San Diego Party Bus Service customers in the Nestor area is of course another excellent Mexican restaurant, what this area is best known for! Jalisco Cafe has been here for years and they really offer a huge array of flavorful goodness for you to dive into. The menudo is truly the best that we have ever tasted, and that alone is reason enough to visit for lunch! The chilaquiles are the perfect way to start the day, loaded up with chicken and red sauce. Mmm! The hours are pretty generous here too, from 7a-9p most days and from 7a-10p on Fri-Sat. There's no full bar here but they do have beer and wine.

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