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The best bars in Palm City

Boll Weevil

695 Saturn Boulevard Suite G, San Diego, CA 92154 | (619) 424-9121
When it comes to scoring an awesome burger in the Palm City area of California during your outing with San Diego Party Bus Service, we're always going to recommend Boll Weevil first. You won't beat that convenient location on Saturn Boulevard, and the fact that the food is so good and fast and that the prices are so low... well, how could you ever resist? The nachos are a wonderful treat and we just love kicking back with their frings and a half pound classic burger! You can shoot some pool here or watch sports on TV. Not a full bar, but they do have a respectable selection of beer and wine. Awesome service, huge portion sizes!

Cojita's Taco Shop

675 Saturn Blvd, San Diego, CA 92154 | (619) 429-8226
Cojita's Taco Shop is a great place to get your Mexican fix when you're traveling around in the Palm City area with San Diego Party Bus Service. The prices are super low and the quality is super high. Always a good thing. The mini tacos are always a favorite of ours here, and we're simply in love with their carne asada fries. The pollo asado fries are also really amazing. And we can't leave out the adobada fries! Mm-mmm good! The shrimp burritos are a big wet mess of deliciousness, not an easy on-the-go thing to eat, but definitely worth a sit-down lunch. The salsa bar is a major highlight too. No alcohol and no outdoor seating.

El Cilantro

764 13th St, Imperial Beach, CA 91932 | (619) 429-7492
Yet another of our favorites for a great Mexican meal in Palm City is El Cilantro. So many of our San Diego Party Bus Service groups choose this one as their lunch or dinner destination. It's really spacious, making it a great choice for any large groups, and they have such delicious things to try here including carne asada fries. There's television here in case you'd like to keep an eye on the sports scores while you eat. No wi-fi though. The hours are super generous, which we appreciate! Open from 7a-11p daily. This is a very authentic taco stop that's just too convenient for your party bus get-togethers in this area. You'll love it!

Zip Codes: 92154

Baja Oyster & Sushi

1912 Coronado Ave, San Diego, CA 92154 | (619) 575-4606
Baja Oyster & Sushi is amazing fusion attempt between Mexican and Japanese cuisine. If you thought that tacos and sushi didn't go together, you couldn't be more wrong! They pull it off with ease. The chimichanga with shrimp and fish has always been our go-to item here, and we've got great things to tell you about the grilled fish tacos too. When it comes to the sushi selection, any roll pairs well with those, but we love the brave roll and saturn roll the best. The imperial roll is also a top recommendation of ours. No full bar here but a nice selection of beer and wine. TVs, but no wi-fi. Casual and cool, affordably priced.

The Scoreboard

951 Palm Ave, Imperial Beach, CA 91932 | (619) 424-9909
And finally we come to The Scoreboard, our favorite sports bar located in the Palm City area for our San Diego Party Bus Service customers to enjoy. The neighborhood dive bar vibe is just too perfect, and the setting is so ideal for watching the big game of the day. Their bar menu is just excellent, no surprises there but super good, and they also have daily specials to add a little variety and excitement, plus a reason to come back often! If you love to show off your vocal chops at karaoke, come in on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Grab a pitcher of beer, dance all night to the juke box music, and have a great time!

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