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The best bars in Pine Valley

Major's Diner

28870 Old Hwy 80, Pine Valley, CA 91962 | (619) 473-9969
There are a lot of great cozy places to go and grab a meal with your good friends while traveling with San Diego Party Bus Service in Pine Valley, and Major's Diner is certainly one of them. This super comfortable diner is known for their delicious burgers and mouth watering desserts. The biscuits and gravy are an absolute local favorite, so you know they're good! It's very clean and tidy here and the service is impeccable too. The hours are a bit limited here, from 6a-2p most days and from 6a-4p on Saturdays and Sundays. It's worth making the effort to get out early in the day to visit this one! Definitely a high recommendation.

Calvin's Sports Bar & Restaurant

28841 Old Hwy 80, Pine Valley, CA 91916 | (619) 473-1266
Calvin's Sports Bar & Restaurant is an excellent local sports bar that we know will take good care of you when you're chilling with us in the Pine Valley area. Our San Diego Party Bus Service customers are always raving about the great seafood choices here, and we are also huge fans of the burgers and fries, of course! The Santa Fe burger is probably our top favorite choice on the menu. The bar fare is just really tasty and very affordably priced too, which makes it even better for our budget-conscious party bus groups. They've got a full bar here, awesome DJs on the weekends, and it's a great place to dance. The hours are 4p-10p Mon-Thu, 5p-1a Fri, 12p-1a Sat, and 12p-8p Sun.

Zip Codes: 91962

Descanso Junction Restaurant

8306 Hwy 79, Descanso, CA 91916 | (619) 659-2199
Descanso Junction Restaurant is another favorite for those San Diego Party Bus Service travelers in the Pine Valley area who really enjoy delicious seafood dishes. The onion ring burgers are absolutely sensational and we're all about the garlic bread here. The cole slaw is super delish too. If you're a lover of a yummy restaurant breakfast, we think you'll be very pleased with the french toast and hash browns here. The eggs are perfectly cooked and always flavorful. Back to the seafood mention, we're very pleased with their Cajun shrimp, and they have a Cajun chicken option for those who aren't seafood lovers! Good stuff.

Veronica's Kitchen

24680 Viejas Grade, Descanso, CA 91916 | (619) 445-3804
Veronica's Kitchen is a great diner style place that serves up yummy American food as well as a few delectable Mexican dishes. We love the fact that they cook their carne asada outside on a grill! The carne asada tortas are very highly recommended. The California fish burrito is another thing that we really can't get enough of. The pollo asada burrito is also just as good as it gets. Mm-mmm good! They have a nice outdoor seating area here and they do offer free wi-fi, but they do not have televisions for your sports-watching needs, so think again if there's a big game on and you really need to have a view of it! Love the laid-back vibe here.

Pine House Cafe & Tavern

9849 Sunrise Hwy, Mount Laguna, CA 91948 | (619) 473-8857
This lovely option offers their patrons such a superb blend between a cafe and tavern, really serving up some amazing food in the perfect ambiance for your San Diego Party Bus Service groups. Our Pine Valley area travelers are always raving about the mouth watering burgers that are served here. It's awesome to rent one of our party buses along with a professional chauffeur and head up into the mountains to enjoy this special relaxing vibe. Grab yourself a classic burger and fries, and cool down any potential heartburn with a nice ice cream dessert or a tasty brownie. There's no TV or wi-fi here, so no distractions, and hey have nice outdoor seating too.

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