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We've put together a little San Diego Party Bus Service Q&A where you can get some of our most frequently asked questions answered up-front before you ever even have to pick up the phone. If you've got questions that you'd like to ask us that you don't see here, don't hesitate to get in touch. San Diego Party Bus Service staff is always available via telephone or email to answer any questions that you may have.

q: What does it cost to rent a San Diego Party Bus Service vehicle?

A: Our prices vary but they're very competitive and affordable! Call for a free price quote with absolutely no obligation to do business with us. It's instant and we'll be able to answer any other questions you may have too.

q: Is smoking/drinking allowed on San Diego Party Bus Service vehicles?

A: Smoking is absolutely not allowed on any of our buses, but drinking is just fine as long as everyone in your party is 21+. We've got stunning built-in bars that are made just for this purpose, in fact!

q: Is a party bus more comfortable than a limousine?

A: Indeed, it is. Party buses are super spacious and comfortable with plenty of leg room and room to stand up and even dance! Limos are notoriously cramped, especially for weddings when brides have to squeeze their beautiful gowns into such a tight space! A party bus is always a better option than a limousine as far as we're concerned! If we didn't think so, we'd rent those instead.

q: What kind of entertainment features are on your buses?

A: The specs vary with each bus and you can find out more info on our vehicles page, but generally there are multiple HDTVs with DVD players on each bus as well as a high quality sound system that is capable of playing both CDs and iPod music. These can be used for both personal and business trips, making them very multi-purpose.

q: Do you provide transportation for wine tastings and brewery tours?

A: San Diego brewery tours and Temecula Valley wine tours are two of our most popular outings! Our events page tells you a bit more about this. If you'd like to speak with us about your own upcoming wine tastings or brewery tours, simply get in touch! We'd love to help plan the sommelier's or beer-lover's ultimate trip!

q: Are San Diego Party Bus Service price quotes really free?

A: Yes, they are, with absolutely no obligation to do business with San Diego Party Bus Service. You can call us or email us with the information about your upcoming trip and we'll get back to you with an instant price quote that you can then compare to other local companies or simply make a quick deposit and lock down your date and vehicle!

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